The Dynamics of Business Cycles: A Study in Economic Fluctuations

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August 2004



Originally published in 1942, this landmark volume makes available the entire business-cycle analysis of the Dutch economist, Jan Tinbergen, whose work in economic dynamics stimulated a new school of econometric research. The book explains what is typical and common in economic movements - the system of supply and demand schedules used to describe a market, certain technical relations, and 'balance equations'.


Part 1: Descriptions 1. Introduction: Types of Movements 2. Long-Run Developments 3. Interruptions and Sudden Changes in Structure 4. Cyclical Movements 5. Seasonal Fluctuations 6. Random Movements 7. Differences among Individual Countries 8. Fluctuations in Individual Markets Part 2: The Explanation of Economic Fluctuations 9. Economic Statics and Economic Dynamics 10. The Process of Long-Run Development 11. Periods of War and Inflation 12. Long Waves 13. Business-Cycle Fluctuations 14. Cyclical Movements in Individual Markets 15. Exogenous Movements 16. Theoretical Postscript Part 3: Business-Cycle Policy 17. Introduction 18. Objectives of Trend Policy and Business-Cycle Policy 19. Indirect Policies - Tax Policies 20. Indirect Policies - Other Forms 21. Direct Policies - Expenditure Policies 22. Direct Policies - Other Forms 23. Summary: Choice of an Optimum Policy
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