Dvorak: Cello Concerto

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A study of Dvor k's cello concerto, one of the most popular works in the orchestral repertoire.


Preface and acknowledgements; 1. Dvorak and the cello; 2. Preludes to the Concerto; 3. The Concerto and Dvorak's 'American manner'; 4. 'Decisions and revisions': sketch and compositional process; 5. The score I: forms and melodies; 6. The score II: interpretations; 7. Performers and performances; Notes; Select bibliography; Select discography; Index.


"Musicians in general and cellists in particular have reason to celebrate: Jan Smaczny has written an erudite, well researched and complete handbook on the Dvorak cello concerto. Smaczny has met the challenge of writing a complete study that is detailed and balanced, as well as consistently interesting. A work like this handbook is a rare and precious thing. It explores in some detail a specific concerto and is able to ompart to readers, through that exploration, and increased understanding and appreciation of music and performance in general and a view of a very personal and meaningful source of artistic creation." American Music Teacher "Jan Smaczny...has produced a must-own volume for any serious cello student, teacher of cello, conductor of the Dvorak concerto, or die-hard fan of the work. Smaczny's musical analysis is succinct and helpful...offers valuable insight in to the concerto's "meaning"..." American String Teacher " engaging study of Dvorak's compositional process, his life in the United States, his views on American and Czech music, and his mysterious relationship with the cello..." Notes
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