Numerical Methods for Image Registration

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Januar 2004



Based on the author's lecture notes and research, this well-illustrated and comprehensive text is one of the first to provide an introduction to image registration with particular emphasis on numerical methods in medical imaging. Ideal for researchers in industry and academia, it is also a suitable study guide for graduate mathematicians, computer scientists, engineers, medical physicists and radiologists. Providing a systematic and general framework for image registration, the book not only presents state-of-the-art concepts but also summarizes and classifies the numerous techniques to be found in the literature.


1. Introduction ; 2. The Human Neuroscanning Project ; 3. The mathematical setting ; I PARAMETRIC IMAGE REGISTRATION ; 4. Landmark based registration ; 5. Principal axes based registration ; 6. Optimal linear registration ; 7. Summarizing parametric image registration ; II NON-PARAMETRIC IMAGE REGISTRATION ; 8. Non-parametric image registration ; 9. Elastic registration ; 10. Fluid registration ; 11. Diffusion registration ; 12. Curvature registration ; 13. Concluding remarks
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