Virtual Violin in the Digital Domain

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Mai 2010



This book discusses techniques for physical modeling and model-based sound synthesis of violin, and human-computer interaction in virtual domain. The violin model is considered by means of controlling a virtual violin. The text has been divided into three parts corresponding to 1) computational analysis and synthesis of audio and music, 2) physical modeling and model-based synthesis of musical instruments, especially bowed strings, and 3) virtual techniques of representing, expressing, and controlling of violin. The general handled questions in this book are computational audio and music analysis as well as synthesis, linear and particularly nonlinear discrete-time modeling of bowed string instruments, especially the violin, the finite width bowing model, the simulation that has been developed into a computationally feasible structure, the controllability over the model and the expressiveness of a violin model, as well as virtual reality techniques in application to human-computer interaction of musical instrument models, where an overview on the virtual musical instruments and their control is given, after which the focus is placed on gestural and haptic control of violins.


Jan-Markus Holm, Ph.D., Jyväskylä, Finland; Director of education and training, principal, also partner and chairman in Mobiletools Ltd. Doctor in applied sciences combining physics, computing and music technology. Published several articles both in conference proceedings and international journals. Member of the AES.
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