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Nurses at all stages of their careers have a pivotal role in dealing with patients in pain. This book is an essential guide to the management and understanding of pain and provides clear and accessible information on identification and classification of pain, responses, and systems for treatment and their impact upon the patient.


Introduction; The physiology of pain; The causes of clinical pain; The pain experience; Barriers to effective pain management; The nursing management of patients with pain; Treatment of pain: pharmacological and surgical techniques; Treatment of pain: non-invasive and complementary techniques; References; Glossary; Index.


"This is the book for all healthcare professionals to read in detail or refer to on the subject of pain. It not only describes the physiology and causes of pain but also addresses the mysteries of pain, such as phantom and referred pain." Nicola Eaton, Nursing Standard, 1999 "Slim but fulsome: a primer on pain...a well-researched and compiled book" Nursing Times "An excellent text book for any practitioner new to the role of pain management who wishes to expand their knowledge." Nurse Education Today "...this text should prove a valuable addition to the library shelves and, ideally, individual purchase for both the general nurse as well as those seeking to pursue pain relief as a specialized area of care." Journal of Advanced Nursing
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