ADHD in Adults

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Reviews our growing knowledge of adult ADHD and presents a transatlantic perspective on its identification, assessment and treatment.


Preface; 1. The course and persistence of ADHD throughout the life-cycle J. Biederman and J. Buitelaar; 2. The prevalence and correlates of adult ADHD R. Kessler, J. Buitelaar, Lenard Russell Barkley, J. Biederman, C. Conners, Larry Greenhill, David Shaw and T. Spencer; 3. Gender issues in adult ADHD P. Quinn; 4. The consequences of ADHD in adulthood: educational, vocational and relational impairments T. Spencer; 5. Neurobiology of ADHD J. Krause, Klaus-Henning Krause and Martin Ohlmeier; 6. Quantitative and molecular genetic studies of adult ADHD P. Asherson, S. Faraone and F. Levy; 7. Structural and functional MRI findings in adults with ADHD Y. Paloyelis; 8. Evoked response potentials in adults with ADHD G. McLoughlin; 9. Positron Emission Tomography findings in adults with ADHD M. Mehta; 10. Diagnosing ADHD in adults L. Adler and David Shaw; 11. Neurocognitive characteristics of adults with ADHD J. Dowson and Andrew Blackwell; 12. Adult ADHD and mood disorders T. Brown; 13. Adult ADHD and anxiety disorders M. Weiss; 14. Adult ADHD and substance use disorders T. Wilens; 15. Adult ADHD and organic brain disorders A. Niemela and H. Niederhofer; 16. Autism spectrum disorders overlap ADHD in adults C. Gillberg; 17. Adult ADHD and learning disorders K. Xenitidis; 18. Adult ADHD and personality disorders F. van Dijk and Henrik Anckarsater; 19. Psychostimulants for adult ADHD T. Spencer and J. Biederman; 20. The use of non-stimulant drugs in the treatment of adult ADHD W. Verbeeck; 21. Medication management in adult ADHD S. Kooij; 22. Abuse potential of stimulant drugs used to treat ADHD S. H. Kollins; 23. Psycho-education for adults with ADHD: impressions from the field R. Bruggeman and A. van Lammeren; 24. Coaching of adults with ADHD D. Ryffel; 25. Clinical applications of research on the psychosocial treatment of adult ADHD M. McDermott; 26. EEG biofeedback for adult ADHD Y. Ginsberg; 27. Alternative and complementary treatments for ADHD A. Arnold and S. Spetie; Appendices; Index.


Jan Buitelaar is Professor of Psychiatry and Child and Adolescent Psychiatry at Radboud University Nijmegen Medical Centre, Nijmegen, The Netherlands. Cornelis C. Kan is an adult psychiatrist at the Department of Psychiatry of the Radboud University Nijmegen Medical Centre, Nijmegen, The Netherlands. Philip Asherson is Professor of Molecular Psychiatry at the MRC Social, Genetic and Developmental Psychiatry (SGDP) Centre at the Institute of Psychiatry (Kings College London, UK) and Honorary Consultant Psychiatrist at the Maudsley Adult ADHD Clinic, London, UK.
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