Crime Laboratory Management

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Crime Laboratory Management is the first book to address the operational, administrative, and political issues involved in managing a forensic laboratory. It guides laboratory professionals -- regardless of their management experience -- through essential tasks ranging from hiring and training of staff to resource management and public relations.Author Jami St. Clair has more than 20 years experience in forensic science and served as President of the American Society of Crime Lab Directors, 1998-1999. She and her colleagues have designed this book to be useful for supervisors at every level. With its combination of classic management theories and practical information, it will help managers ensure that their laboratories operate efficiently and survive the intense scrutiny of today's criminal justice system.


1. The Role of the Crime Laboratory and its Leadership
2. Human Resource Management
3. Ethics
4. Quality Processes
5. Strategic Management
6. Project Management
7. Resource Management
8. Effective Communications
9. Safety in the Forensic Lab


Jami J. St. Clair has more than 20 years of experience in forensic science and is past President of the American Society of Crime Laboratory Directors (ASCLD). She has provided expert witness testimony in over 100 criminal and civil trials and has been the Crime Laboratory Manager for the Columbus Division of Police for over 10 years.
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