Black Ivory: Slavery in the British Empire

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November 2001



The terrible story of African slavery in the British colonies of the West Indies and North America is told with clarity and compassion in this classic history.


Acknowledgements. Preface to the Second Edition. Introduction. Chronology of Main Events. Maps. Part I: A View from London: 1. Consuming Passions. 2. Murdering Men. Part II: Traumas: 3. Slaves, Traders and Africa. 4. Crossing the Atlantic. 5. Landfall. Part III: Working Lives: 6. Plantations, Slaves and Planters. 7. In the Fields. 8. Skills. 9. Women. 10. Disease and Death. Part IV: Resting: 11. Slaves at Ease. 12. Religion. 13. Families and Communities. 14. Sex in the Slave Quarters. Part V: Fighting Back: 15. Violence. 16. Rebellions. 17. A Leap in the Dark: Runaways. Part VI: Consequences: 18. Ending It All: The Crusade Against Slavery. 19. The Plight of Africa. 20. The Problems of Freedom. Bibliographical Note. References. Index.


James Walvin is Professor of History at the University of York. He has written widely on slave history and British social history and his recent publications include Questioning Slavery (1996), Making the Black Atlantic (2000), The Slave Trade (1999) and Britains's Slave Empire (2000).
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