An American Saga: The Story of Helen Thomas and Simon Flexner

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Oktober 1993



Simon Flexner was the famous medical investigator, discoverer of the "Flexner vacillus" and the "Flexner serum", who became the creating director of the Rockefeller Institute for Medical Research (now Rockefeller University) and, eventually, the acknowledged leader of American medical science. The Kentucky-born son of impoverished German Jewish immigrants, he grew up in penury. As he never completed the eighth grade, he was almost completely self-educated when he appeared at The Johns Hopkins University even before its celebrated medical school had been founded. Almost instantly he began making the discoveries that soon made him the leading younger medical scientist in the United States. Helen Thomas' family were Quakers. Her ancestors, among the original settlers of Maryland, bankrupted themselves in 1810 by freeing some hundred slaves. Exiled from plantation life, they settled in Baltimore where they regained prosperity and aristocratic position. Helen's father played an important role in establishing The Johns Hopkins University and its Medical School, and Bryn Mawr College, of which Helen's older sister, Carey, became president. Helen's mother's family, the Whitalls, was characterized by women with strong feminist and religious beliefs. Helen herself was a striking redhead with literary interests and achievements. She was twenty-nine when she met Simon, then thirty-seven. Coming from such different backgrounds, it took three years of courtship for them to come together in a union which was to have great impact on the society of their day. Featured in this multi-faceted saga are such prominent persons as Bertrand Russell and Logan Pearsall Smith, Drs. Welch and Osler, John D.Rockefeller, Jr., Lyman Dwight Moody, and Walt Whitman.


James Thomas Flexner is a National Book Award Laureate; recipient of a special Pulitzer Prize Citation; winner of the Society of American Historians' Parkman Prize, the gold medal of the American Academy of Arts and Letters for Eminence in Biography.James Thomas Flexner has won a Special Pulitzer Prize Citation, a National Book Award, and a Christopher's Award for his four-volume biography, Washignton: An Indispensable Man. A foremost man of letters, Flexner has written with equal distinction in the fields of American history, biography and art.


a[Flexner] has used his talents to illuminate the homely and the grand family personalities and important ideas in this countryas history. All thanks to Fordham University Press for bringing us this fine book.a
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