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Although designed as a wartime workhorse, the ever-versatile Jeep has since enjoyed an even broader role in civilian dress. This history reveals all of these consumer models, from the wartime derivative CJ to the latest Grand Cherokee, one of today's bestselling luxury SUVs. After reviewing the Jeep's World War II genesis, author James Taylor examines the many CJ models which retained the basic military concept while refining it into the relative luxury of the latest Wrangler. The current range of SUVs and their growing emphasis on performance is described in depth, as are the Jeep concept vehicles that have garnered accolades at international motor shows. The main text is supplemented by appendices offering technical specifications, production numbers, and performance figures.


James Taylor has been writing professionally about cars since the late 1970s, and his interests embrace a wide range of older cars of all makes and nationalities, as well as classic buses, lorries and military vehicles. However, he also enjoys keeping abreast of current special-interest models such as the BMW M3, because, he believes, today's interesting cars are tomorrow's classics. James has written well over 100 books in all, and among them have been several definitive one-make or one-model titles, including a number for Crowood. He lives in rural Oxfordshire.
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