Channeling Violence: The Economic Market for Violent Television Programming

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September 2000



"A comprehensive and convincing demonstration that marketing mayhem is, like environmental pollution, a market failure with far-reaching consequences."--George Gerbner, Dean Emeritus, The Annenberg School for Communication, University of Pennsylvania


List of Figures ix List of Tables xi Preface xvii CHAPTER 1 Why Is Television Violence a Public Policy Issue? 3 CHAPTER 2 Adult Audiences: Who Watches Violent Programming'? 51 CHAPTER 3 Children as Viewers 76 CHAPTER 4 Programming Violence 129 CHAPTER 5 Advertising: Who Supports Violent Programming? 163 CHAPTER 6 Producer Incentives 211 CHAPTER 7 Local News as (Violent) Entertainment? 239 CHAPTER 8 Dealing with Television Violence: Politics and Policies 285 Notes 323 Bibliography 367 Index 385


Drawing on economic theory and a wealth of empirical evidence, in addition to his previous complementary professional research on pollution control, Hamilton . . . contributes significantly to the literature on television violence and the individual and societal stake in it. . . . The book offers a wealth of data. . . . Recommended.
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