United States Air Force and Its Antecedents: Published and Printed Unit Histories, a Bibliography: Expanded and Revised Edition (Expanded and Revised)

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This bibliography lists published and printed unit histories for the United States Air Force and Its Antecedents, including Air Divisions, Wings, Groups, Squadrons, Aviation Engineers, and the Women's Army Corps.


Chapter 1 Preface Chapter 2 1. User's Guide Chapter 3 2. Named Commands Chapter 4 3. Numbered Air Forces Chapter 5 4. Numbered Commands Chapter 6 5. Air Divisions Chapter 7 6. Wings Chapter 8 7. Groups Chapter 9 8. Squadrons Chapter 10 9. Aviation Engineers Chapter 11 10. Women's Army Corps (WAC) Chapter 12 11. Miscellaneous Numbered Units Chapter 13 12. Miscellaneous Named Units Chapter 14 13. Air Force Installations Chapter 15 14. United States Air Force Academy Chapter 16 15. Air National Guard State Histories Chapter 17 16. Americans in Foreign Service Chapter 18 17. Civil Air Patrol Chapter 19 Appendix: Library Location Codes Chapter 20 Index Chapter 21 About the Author


James Controvich has been publishing research oriented bibliographies for both the private sector and government military history programs for more than 25 years. His Scarecrow Press bibliography of United States Army Unit and Organizational histories has won major awards: Thomas Jefferson Prize for Best Reference Book of the Year, Society for History in the Federal Government 2003 Prize for Best Military History Book of the Year, Reference Category, Society for Military History 2004.


This is a very useful tool for the serious historian and researcher. Skyways Reviews This expanded and revised edition of a bibliography originally compiled for the US Air Force Historical Research Agency offers a listing of unofficial published histories of the US Air Force and its antecedents. Entries encompass personal narratives, photgraphic and pictorial histories, battle maps, published and printed rosters, officially produced titles, and privately sponsored and unofficial histories. The book will be of use to military aviation historians, libaries, and unit history collectors. Reference and Research Book News
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