The Antiquities of Athens

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April 2008



James "Athenian" Stuart and Nicholas Revett's monumental Antiquities of Athens was the first accurate survey of ancient Greek architecture ever completed. Based on precise measured drawings done at the sites of the ancient ruins between 1751 and 1754, these books set a new standard for archaeological investigation in the eighteenth century


James Stuart (1713-1788) was a British architect, archaeologist, and painter. Nicholas Revett (1720-1804) was a British architect and artist. Frank Salmon lectures on the history of art at Cambridge University and is the author of Building on Ruins: The Rediscovery of Rome and English Architecture.
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Untertitel: Measured and Delineated by James Stuart FRS and FSA and Nicholas Revett, Painters and Architects. 'Classic Reprint Series'. 400 illustrations. Sprache: Englisch.
Verlag: Princeton Architectural Press
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