A City Equal to My Desire

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August 2004



From crimes of heart and crimes of violence, A CITY EQUAL TO MY DESIRE effortlessly guides you through the narrows of human existence in all its forms. In this selection of new stories, James Sallis, author of the acclaimed Lew Griffin series of detective novels, both entertains and engages the mind with stories that will linger in memory long after they've been experienced. "Sallis wants to take your experience of the world, mutate it to the edge of recognition, and then deliver it back before your eyes like a coin pulled from behind your earlobe. And in this way, he makes you see and feel, all over again, the meaning, the beauty-and, pointedly sometimes, the horror-of being human." Jack O'Connell from his introduction


James Sallis has published fifteen novels including the Lew Griffin cycle, Others of My Kind, and Drive, the landmark biography of Chester Himes, a translation of Raymond Queneau's novel Saint Glinglin, and multiple collections of essays and stories plus three books of musicology and three previous collections of poems, Sorrow's Kitchen, Rain's Eagerness, and Black Night's Gonna Catch Me Here: New and Selected Poems.
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