Space Mission Analysis and Design

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September 1999



This famous and practical handbook for Space Mission Engineering draws on leading aerospace experts to carry readers through mission design, from orbit selection to ground ops. SMAD III updates the technology, provides greater emphasis on small spacecraft design and the cost-reduction process, and includes more detail on multi-satellite manufacturing, space computers, payload design and autonomous systems.


List of Authors. preface. 1. The Space Mission Analysis and Design Process. 2. Mission Characterization. 3. Mission Evaluation. 4. Requirements Definition. 5. Space Mission Geometry. 6. Introduction to Astrodynamics. 7. Orbit and Constellation Design. 8. The Space Environment and Survivability. 9. Space Payload Design and Sizing. 10. Spacecraft Design and Sizing. 11. Spacecraft Subsystems. 12. Space Manufacture and Test. 13. Communications Architecture. 14. Mission Operations. 15. Ground System Design and Sizing. 16. Spacecraft Computer Systems. 17. Space Propulsion Systems. 18. Launch Systems. 19. Space Manufacturing and Reliability. 20. Cost Modeling. 21. Limits on Mission Design. 22. Design of Low-Cost Spacecraft. 23. Applying the Space Mission Analysis and Design. Appendices: A: Mass Distribution for Selected Satellites. B: Astronautical and Astrophysical Data. C: Elliptical Orbit Equations. D: Spherical Geometry Formulas. E: Universal Time and Julian Dates. F: Units and Conversion Factors. Index.
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