Artisans in Europe, 1300 1914

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This textbook deals with the history of European artisans from 1300 to 1914.


Introduction; 1. The meaning of work; 2. The craft economy; 3. The artisanal workplace; 4. Authority and resistance: artisans in the polity; 5. Authority and resistance: masters and journeymen; 6. Communities; 7. Ceremonies, festivals, taverns, and games; 8. Epilogue: artisans in the era of industrial capitalism.


'This welcome, impressive and authoritative textbook looks at urban artisans in part of Europe ... it is a comprehensive and wide-ranging study drawing on very wide reading of secondary literature ...' The English Historical Review '... an excellent survey of the existing literature ... to tell the story of west European artisans over several centuries in a compelling, gripping style is a tremendous achievement. this book should be compulsory reading for all students of the labour or social history of early modern Europe.' Saothar '... an effective summa of the history of work in Europe between the late middle ages and the age of industrialisation, and provides a detailed picture of the various professional categories which are portrayed with their social attitudes and conventions too ...'. The Journal of European Economic History
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