Fathering at Risk: Helping Nonresidential Fathers

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Juli 2001



This book profiles three groups of nonresidential fathers--teens, older fathers, and unmarried or divorced fathers. It promotes a fuller understanding of their problems, and offers an array of strategies for involving them in their children's lives. Utilizing a strengths perspective, the authors move beyond the realm of theory to present specific intervention strategies that have helped many diverse groups of fathers and potential fathers. Throughout, case examples illustrate key program issues. Discussion questions at the end of each chapter and reflection questions throughout promote integration of key concepts. A resource section is included with contact information for various fathering programs, other relevant resources, and a website directory.


Part I Understanding fathering-at-risk: what is the "problem" for fathers?; introduction to three groups of nonresidential fathers; the case for fathering - what we know and hope for. Part II What we can do - an introduction: principles and strategies for promoting effective fathering. Part III Professional practice considerations in work with fathers-at-risk: assessment issues for practice with nonresidential fathers; individual, family and group services with nonresidential fathers. Part IV Policies and programmes to assist fathers-at-risk: a place to begin - conducting a community needs assessment; policy initiatives that support active fathering; programmes for preparing teenagers for fatherhood; programmes for older unmarried nonresidential fathers; post-divorce educational strategies; mediating cooperative co-parenting agreements. Endnote: visioning a future for fathering. Appendices: programme and website directory.
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