Containment in the Pharmaceutical Industry

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September 2000



Delivering an encompassing overview of the factors, varieties, and applications determining product containment, this concise reference provides authoritative information on containment processes. It reviews the historical context, definition, evolution, and application of containment technology, analyzes a variety of containment techniques in new and retrofitted construction, and examines people protection vs. product protection and the role of source-contamination in each. It also suggests conceptualizing containment options from the inception of a project for economical, at-the-source containment, identifies containment requirements and monitoring methods, as well as the current state of emission controls, and discusses the dustiness of powders and how this research is being defined, quantified, and used in containment design.


Why containment? Then and now; containment and good manufacturing practices; industrial hygiene aspects of pharmaceutical manufacturing; effect of individual particle characteristics on airborne emissions; particle monitoring - old and new; particle monitoring - case studies; selecting the correct technology; engineered local exhaust; flexible containment for primary manufacturing/bulk operations; an array of containment design - following the production line in a dry products secondary manufacturing operation; containment system selection; an architectural/engineering firm's perspective; containment in the hospital setting.
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