Hitler's Secret Pirate Fleet: The Deadliest Ships of World War II

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Duffy follows the Royal Navy on their deadly three-year chase after the secret German fleet.


Atlantis - "Under Ten Flags"; Orion - the Black Raider; Widder - the Ram; Thor - Deadly Banana Boat; Pinguin - the First Casualty; Komet - Thank You Stalin and Lenin; Kormoran - Duel to the Death; Michel - the Last Survivor; Stier - Sunk by a Liberty Ship; Appendix A - Identities of the Raiders; Appendix B -Technical Data; Appendix C - Armament Data; Appendix D - War Records of the Raiders; Appendix E - the Sydney Controversy.


James P. Duffy is a writer specializing in military history._He is the author of 12 books including two on World War II and one on the American Civil War.


"A fascinating account of a little-known facet of the German Navy of World War II--the fleet of nine warships that cruised the seven seas disguised as merchantmen, and sank or captured more than a million tons of allied shipping. Their stories are exciting reading and form a significant part of the naval history of World War II. Author Duffy tells them well, in these high tension accounts of adventure on the high seas. A valuable addition to any WW II collection."-Edwin P. Hoyt author of 199 Days: The Battle for Stalingrad
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