Blue Water Patriots: The American Revolution Afloat

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November 2006



Provides an account of American naval efforts during the American Revolution.


JAMES M. VOLO is a teacher, lecturer, and historian. He has served as a consultant for documentary television and movie projects dealing with the American Revolution and the Civil War. He is the author or co-author of historical reference works dealing with American history, including a number of books in the Greenwood Daily Life series.


"It is the rare book that aims at giving a comprehensive view of any historical event and actually delivers what it promises, but Volo's Blue Water Patriots does just that. In this single volume, readers will find every element that they could ever want of the Revolutionary War at sea. The author summarizes the problems of creating a national navy, discusses the men who served on the ships, and describes the outcomes of their battles. Like most general histories, this book covers the famous ships and captains that most readers are familiar with, such as John Paul Jones, but includes other elements not found in general histories of the Revolutionary War. Volo covers the various state navies, privateers, and coastal raiders that make the war's naval history so interesting. There are also discussions of technical developments, weaponry, and recruiting. The author does an especially good job of tying the causes of the war to the naval and maritime development of the Colonies, thus demonstrating that naval elements of the war were central to the conflict, not just a peripheral concern. Highly recommended. All levels/libraries." - Choice
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