The Psychology of Diversity: Beyond Prejudice and Racism

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September 2013



The Psychology of Diversity presents a captivating social-psychological study of diversity, the obstacles confronting it, and the benefits it provides.
* Goes beyond prejudice and discrimination to discuss the personal and social implications of diversity for both majority and minority group members
* Considers how historical, political, economic, and societal factors shape the way people think about and respond to diversity
* Explains why discrimination leads to bias at all levels in society - interpersonal, institutional, cultural, and social
* Describes proven techniques for improving intergroup relations
* Examines the brain's impact on bias in clear terms for students with little or no background in neuroscience
* Includes helpful study tools throughout the text as well as an online instructor's manual


Contents vii
Preface xv
Dedication xviii
Acknowledgments xix
Part One Framing Diversity 1
Chapter 1 The Psychology of Diversity: Challenges and Benefits 3
Chapter 2 Central Concepts in the Psychology of Diversity 27
Chapter 3 Historical Perspectives on Diversity in the United States 55
Part Two Psychological Processes 87
Chapter 4 Personality and Individual Differences: How Different Types of People Respond to Diversity in Different Ways 89
Chapter 5 Social Cognition and Categorization: Distinguishing "Us" from "Them" 117
Chapter 6 Social Identity, Roles, and Relations: Motivational Influences in Responses to Diversity 147
Chapter 7 Is Bias in the Brain? 173
Chapter 8 Coping and Adapting to Stigma and Difference 205
Chapter 9 Intergroup Interactions: Pitfalls and Promises 239
Part Three Culture, Power, and Institutions 263
Chapter 10 Cultural Diversity: Preferences, Meaning, and Difference 265
Chapter 11 Social Roles and Power in a Diverse Society 299
Chapter 12 The Challenge of Diversity for Institutions 327
Chapter 13 The Psychology of Diversity: Principles and Prospects 355
Glossary 377
Index 401


James M. Jones is Professor of Psychology at the University of Delaware and Director of the Center for the Study of Diversity. He received the Lifetime Contribution to Psychology award from the APA in 2011. John F. Dovidio isProfessor of Psychology at Yale University. He has received numerous awards for his scholarship, service, and teaching, and served as president of several professional societies. Deborah L. Vietze is Professor of Psychology and Urban Education at the City University of New York. She has received awards for her contributions to research on ethnic minorites and has served as a representative from the American Psychological Association to the United Nations.
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