Modern Food Microbiology

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April 2005



With thirty revised and updated chapters the new edition of this classic text brings benefits to professors and students alike who will find new sections on many topics concerning modern food microbiology. This authoritative book builds on the trusted and established sections on food preservation by modified atmosphere, high pressure and pulsed electric field processing. It further covers food-borne pathogens, food regulations, fresh-cut produce, new food products, and risk assessment and analysis. In-depth references, appendixes, illustrations, index and thorough updating of taxonomies make this an essential for every food scientist.


History of Microorganisms in Food -Taxonomy, Role, and Significance of Microorganisms in Foods -Intrinsic and Extrinsic Parameters of Foods that Affect Microbial Growth -Fresh Meats and Poultry -Processed Meats and Seafoods -Vegetable and Fruit Products -Milk, Fermentation, Fermented, and Nonfermented Dairy Products -Nondairy Fermented Foods and Products -Miscellaneous Food Products -Culture, Microscopic, and Sampling Methods -Chemical, Biological, and Physical Methods -Bioassay and Related Methods -Food Protection with Chemicals and Biocontrol -Food Protection with Modified Atmospheres -Radiation Protection of Foods and Nature of Microbial Radiation Resistance -Protection of Foods Using Low Temperatures, and Characteristics of Psychrotrophic Microorganisms -Protection of Foods Using High-Temperatures, and Characteristics of Thermophilic Microorganisms -Protection of Foods by Drying -Other Food Protection Methods -Indicators of Food Microbial Quality and Safety -The Haccp and Fso System, and Food Safety -Introduction to Foodborne Pathogens -Staphylococcal Gastroenteritis -Food Poisoning Caused by Gram-Positive Sporeforming Bacteria -Foodborne Listeriosis -Foodborne Gastroenteritis Caused by Salmonella and Shigella -Foodborne Gastroenteritis Caused by Escherichia Coli -Foodborne Gastroenteritis Caused by Vibrio, Yersinia, and Campylobacter Species -Foodborne Animal Parasites -Mycotoxins -Viruses and Some other Proven and Suspected Foodborne Biohazards -Appendix


From the reviews of the seventh edition:
"The authors develop a comprehensive and easily read treatise on food microbiology. ... As in earlier volumes, the 7th edition concentrates on the general biology of micro-organisms found in foods. The authors provide an excellent text suitable for a primary collegiate food microbiology course or as a desk reference for the working food professional." (Keith W. Gates, Journal of Aquatic Food Product Technology, Vol. 14 (4), 2005)
"The seventh edition of this highly acclaimed text explores the fundamental elements affecting the presence, activity and control of microorganisms in food ... . In-depth references, appendixes and illustrations make this an essential textbook for every food researcher and practitioner: a precious compass that cannot be missed on the microbiologist's library!" (Roberto Foschino, Annals of Microbiology, Vol. 56 (1), 2006)
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