Fund Raising: Evaluating and Managing the Fund Development Process

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April 1999



Now revised and expanded, this practical resource provides an accessible game plan for not only raising funds, but also developing them effectively for increased productivity and profitability. Written by James M. Greenfield, a leading authority in the field, Fund Raising takes you step-by-step through the entire fund development process, from planning and marketing to community relations and donor management. Along with an added, in-depth discussion of ethics, the Second Edition introduces new best practices that have developed over the past few years, and features updated data, useful worksheets, such as economic statistics, demographics, and reports from the American Association of Fund-Raising Council.


Giving Money to Charity: An American Tradition. Readiness Tests. Pyramids Are Built from the Bottom Up. The Middle Tier: Gifts from Institutions. The Final Tier: Investment Decisions. Management of the Fund Development Process. Appendices. Selected References. Index.


JAMES M. GREENFIELD is a veteran fund raiser with more than 35 years of experience as a development officer at three universities and five hospitals. He has served as the National Society of Fund Raising Executives' chapter officer and national board member, and is currently involved in the organization's Research Council and the NSFRE Foundation Board. He is Senior Vice President of Development and Community Relations at Hoag Memorial Hospital Presbyterian in Newport Beach, California, and is the author of Fund-Raising Fundamentals, Fund-Raising Cost Effectiveness, and The Nonprofit Handbook: Fund-Raising, all published by Wiley.
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