ISO 9000: Preparing for Registration

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April 1992



A guide for quality managers in companies wanting to register and document that they are adhering to the International Standard Organization 9000 standards, or to implement a quality program based on the standards. Industrial customers are increasingly requiring such documentation from their supplie


Introduction Overview of the ISO 9000 Q91 Requirements How to Interpret and Address ISO 9001 The ISO Quality Assurance System: How to Proceed? Suggestions on How to Organize a Quality Assurance System: The Pyramid of Quality Model Tier Two Documentation Tier Three Documentation Documenting Your Procedures How to Proceed? Often Asked Questions On Registrars and EN 45011 2 The Third Party Audit How to Facilitate an Internal Audit The ISO 9000 Series in 1992 and Beyond Conclusions Bibliography Appendix A: Guidlines on What to Include in a Quality Manual Appendix B: Quality System Registrars Appendix C: How to Use the ISO Questionnaire; How to Administer the Questionnaire; ISO 9001-2 Quality System Questionnaire


." . .an extremely useful document for those concerned with implementing quality assurance programs in manufacturing." ---Cost Engineering "With the cost that is incurred by most business units in attaining ISO 9000 certification, any value that this material could produce would quickly cover the cost of the book." ---Techometrics
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