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September 2006



LabVIEW for Everyone is the friendliest, most intuitive guide to LabVIEW, teaching through carefully explained step-by-step examples that give you reusable code for your own projects. This brand-new third edition has been fully revamped and expanded to reflect new features and techniques introduced in LabVIEW 8. You'll find two entirely new chapters, plus dozens of new topics throughout the rest of the text.


About the Authors xxix Preface xxxi Acknowledgments xli 1 What in the World Is LabVIEW? 3 2 Virtual Instrumentation: Hooking Your Computer Up to the Real World 21 3 The LabVIEW Environment 41 4 LabVIEW Foundations 101 5 Yet More Foundations 147 6 Controlling Program Execution with Structures 185 7 LabVIEW's Composite Data: Arrays and Clusters 245 8 LabVIEW's Exciting Visual Displays: Charts and Graphs 301 9 Exploring Strings and File I/O 379 10 Signal Measurement and Generation: Data Acquisition 419 11 Data Acquisition in LabVIEW 465 12 Instrument Control in LabVIEW 523 13 Advanced LabVIEW Structures and Functions 553 14 Advanced LabVIEW Data Concepts 673 15 Advanced LabVIEW Features 721 16 Connectivity in LabVIEW 799 17 The Art of LabVIEW Programming 853 Appendix A CD Contents 891 Appendix B Add-on Toolkits for LabVIEW 893 Appendix C Open Source Tools for LabVIEW: OpenG 897 Appendix D LabVIEW Object-Oriented Programming 901 Appendix E Resources for LabVIEW 921 Appendix F LabVIEW Certification Exams 925 Glossary 931 Index 959


Jeffrey Travis provides expert consulting and creates books, courses, and products for remote Internet controls and monitoring, virtual instrumentation, and Web applications through his company, Jeffrey Travis Studios. He has more than fifteen years of experience developing software, teaching, and consulting on LabVIEW and related technologies. He holds an M.S. in engineering from the University of Texas at Austin. Jim Kring is president of James Kring, Inc., a leader in LabVIEW development, system integration consulting, and custom software design. He is founder of OpenG, a foundation promoting open-source LabVIEW tools, applications, frameworks, and documentation.

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