Power and Influence in the Boardroom: The Role of the Personnel/HR Director

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August 2001



In the last decade there has been an increasing interest in the role of people management in formulating key business decisions. This book offers a counterbalance to the predominant view that Human Resource and Personnel managers have little influence in the strategy making process.The book offers guidance to Personnel / HR managers aspiring to raise their status in organisations, as well as an indication of the future development of the role of people management at the highest levels of business. It will be essential reading for all those with a professional or academic interest in Human Resource Management and employment relations.


1. The Power and Influence of the Personnel/HR Director: the Contemporary Debate 2. Boards of Directors and Top Management Teams 3. Boards of Directors and Top Management Teams: The Presence of Personnel/HR Directors 4. Getting to the Top: Career Pathways of Personnel/HR Directors 5. The Power and Influence of Personnel/HR Directors on Key Business Decisions 6. Personnel/HR Directors in Small and Medium Enterprises 7. The Role of Personnel/HR Directors in Multi-National Companies 8. Personnel/HR Directors in the Public Sector 9. The Effective Personnel/HR Director
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