Book on Bookies: An Inside Look at a Successful Sports Gambling Operation

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If you have ever wondered why the bookie always wins and you always lose, or how your bookie adjusts point spreads and in which direction, The Book on Bookies is for you. In it, youll find all the answers you need to come out a winner, no matter what you bet on football, baseball, horse racing, boxing, golf or any other sport. Go behind the scenes with J.J. to see how a professional sports book is set up and run. Find out all about point spreads, straight bets, half-points, parlays, exactas, teasers, exotics, sweeps money lines everything you need to know to wager wisely . . . or to become a bookie!


Introduction Chapter 1 - Gambling Basics Football, Basketball, Baseball, Hockey, Boxing, Horse Racing, Golf, Soccer, NASCAR, "Futures" Chapter 2 - Setting Up Shop Chapter 3 - Being the Boss (... Maybe) Chapter 4 - Getting Customers Chapter 5 - In the Office Chapter 6 - Taking Action (and Making the Lines Work for You!) Chapter 7 - Grading the Homework Chapter 8 - The Paysheet (Read This One Twice!) Chapter 9 - Settle-Up Day Chapter 10 - Bigger and Better Chapter 11 - Other Benefits of Being "The Man" (or More Reasons It's Better to Be on Your End of the Phone) Chapter 12 - What to Avoid Chapter 13 - What Will Get You Caught? (Read This One Three or Four Times) Final Thoughts Glossary
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