Aging Nation: The Economics and Politics of Growing Older in America

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Oktober 2006



With the impending retirement of some 76 million Baby Boomers, understanding the various issues related to the aging population is paramount. The author's agree that there is considerable cause for concern, but with a variety of policies in place and smart individual choices, the elderly can prosper, and a demographic tsunami is not inevitable.


JAMES H. SCHULZ is Emeritus Professor of Economics, Brandeis University. His books include Social Security in the Twenty-First Century, The Economics of Population Aging, and seven editions of The Economics of Aging. ROBERT H. BINSTOCK is Professor of Aging, Health, and Society at Case Western Reserve University. He is the author of 22 books, including Home Care Advances, The Lost Art of Caring, and five editions of the Handbook of Aging and the Social Sciences.


." . . this book provides a well-reasoned and readable antidote to the more hyperbolic and even hysterical claims of the 'doomsayers' documented by the authors. But more more than that, this is a thorough, insightful, and readable analysis of the key elements of financial security in retirement--Social Security, private pensions, employment, and health and long-term care." - Journal of Pension Economics and Finance
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