Perry's Standard Tables and Formulas for Chemical Engineers

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There is a growing demand for a book such as the Perry's Standard Tables and Formulae for Chemical Engineers that will provide necessary information in a quick and concise manner for the various chemical properties and chemical processes of industrial operations. Perry's Standard Tables and Formulae for Chemical Engineers will present data that can be applied to chemical processing of raw materials into useable products as well as provide information for chemical process operations and the design of the equipment. A comprehensive and authoritative source data that can be used for designing chemical processes and equipment, it will be a complementary reference source to the Handbook of Chemical Process and Design Handbook (James G. Speight, McGraw-Hill) and will present tables and formulae that are necessary for chemical engineers on a day-to-day basis.


<H3> Acid-Base Indicators<H3> Acidity (Ionization) Constants<H3> Activation Energies<H3> Amino Acids<H3> API Gravity<H3> Atmosphere<H3> Atomic Data<H3> Baume Gravity<H3> Boiling Point<H3> Bond Lengths and Bond Energies<H3> Change of State<H3> Coal<H3> Conversion Formulas (see also SI Units, Conversion Factors)<H3> Crude Oil<H3> Dielectric Constants<H3> Dipole Moments<H3> Engineering Formulas<H3> Flammability Properties<H3> Glass and Silica<H3> Graphite and Silicon Carbide<H3> Heat Transfer<H3> Humidity<H3> Hydrogen Bonding<H3> Infrared Absorption<H3> Liquid-Liquid Extraction<H3> Mass Transfer<H3> Melting Point<H3> Natural Gas<H3> Natural Gasoline<H3> Nuclear Magnetic Resonance<H3> Petroleum<H3> Physical Constants<H3> Refractive Index<H3> SI Units and Conversion Factors<H3> Solubility Parameters<H3> Solubility Product Constants<H3> Specific Gravity<H3> Specific Heat<H3> Thermal Conductivity<H3> Thermodynamic Relationships and Properties<H3> Thermodynamic and Thermophysical Properties<H3> Ultraviolet Spectroscopy<H3> Vapor Pressure<H3> Water<H3> Index


James Speight from Laramie, WY is the author of 20 books and bibliographies relating to fossil fuel processing and environmental issues. He was awarded the Diploma of Honor, National Petroleum Engineering Society, for outstanding contributions to the petroleum industry in 1995.
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