The Relationship Rights of Children:

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April 2006



This book is a philosophical analysis of children's rights with regard to the legal system.


Introduction; 1. Why rights for children?; 2. The existing relationship rights of children; 3. Paradigmatic relationship rights; 4. Why adults have the relationship rights they do; 5. Extending the theoretical underpinnings of relationship rights to children; 6. Rebutting defenses of the status quo; 7. Implementing children's moral rights in law; 8. Applications; Appendix; Notes.


James G. Dwyer received his JD degree from Yale Law School and a PhD in philosophy from Stanford University. He taught at the University of Wyoming School of Law and Chicago-Kent School of Law. He has worked as an attorney in law firms in Washington, DC and as a law guardian representing children in family court in upstate New York. He has published several articles and book chapters on children's rights in law journals such as The California Law Review and the North Carolina Law Review. He has written two books - Religious Schools v. Children's Rights and Vouchers Within Reason: A Child-Centered Approach to Education Reform.

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