Acceptable Premises: An Epistemic Approach to an Informal Logic Problem

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When, if ever, is one justified in accepting the premises of an argument? What is the proper criterion of premise acceptability? Providing a comprehensive theory of premise acceptability, this book answers these questions from an epistemological approach that the author calls "common sense foundationalism." His work will be of interest to specialists in informal logic, critical thinking and argumentation theory as well as to a broader range of philosophers and those teaching rhetoric.


Part I. Acceptability: Dialectical and Epistemological Considerations: 1. Why do we need a theory of acceptability?; 2. Acceptability and presumption; 3. Factors determining presumption: basic considerations; 4. Epistemological considerations: acceptability, deontology, internalism, justification; Part II. Statements, Belief-Generating Mechanisms, and Presumptive Reliability: 5. What types of statements are there?; 6. Necessary statements and a priori intuition; 7. Descriptions and their belief-generating mechanisms; 8. Interpretations and their modes of intuition; 9. Evaluations and the moral faculties; 10. Taking one's word: the interpersonal belief-generating mechanism; Part III. Practice and Perspective: 11. An outline of the practice of epistemic causistry; 12. Theoretical considerations: a common sense foundationalism.


James B. Freeman is Professor of Philosophy at Hunter College of The City University of New York.


'... argumentation theory has long wanted for a detailed and sustained treatment of premise acceptability to supplement and improve various pedagogical assumptions that populate textbooks. And beyond even this, the book is a serious contribution to epistemology that should find a wide philosophical audience from those interested in such matters.' Christopher Tindale, Trent University, Ontario '... the book is well-written and well-organized. It may be used as a handbook of commonsense foundationalism.' Argumentation
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