Fighting on Two Fronts

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April 1997



In this dramatic history of race relations during the Vietnam War, James Westheider illustrates how American soldiers in Vietnam grappled with many of the same racial conflicts that were roiling their homeland thousands of miles away.


"A very powerful account of a significant aspect of recent American military history." --Journal of Military History "Westheider has researched very thoroughly-an effort including extensive interviews with Vietnam veterans-and he possesses a rare gift for narrative that makes the result of all this research eminently readable. A highly desirable addition for both African American studies and military affairs collections... [an] invaluable history." --Booklist "Highly recommended." --Library Journal "James E. Westheider persuasively argues that black soldiers were the key factor in bringing about a more egalitarian military. This book significantly advances our understanding of both race relations and armed forces." --Charles Moskos, Northwestern University "With this meticulous investigation of how institutional racism operated in the military of the 1960s and 70s, James Westheider provides us with a model for making sense of institutional sexism in the Tailhook-era military." --Cynthia Enloe, author of The Morning After: Sexual Politics at the End of the Cold War
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