Jerusalem, the Holy City: A Bibliography, Volume I

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Februar 1988



This work provides a comprehensive bibliography on modern research (19th century to the present) on the city of Jerusalem, with primary emphasis on Jerusalem as a holy city. Over 5,800 entries are arranged in 40 units under eight major headings: general studies on Jerusalem, Jerusalem during the Biblical period to 587 BC, Jerusalem during the Second Temple period, Roman Jerusalem, Jerusalem in Judaism, Christian Jerusalem, Jerusalem as a Muslim city, and Jerusalem in modern times. The individual chapter units within these major headings are concerned not only with the physical aspects of the city (geography/topography, archaeological excavations, walls, gates, tombs, churches, and other monuments) and its social/political history, but also_and especially_with its sacred traditions, Jewish, Christian, and Muslim. The organization of the material reflects the editor's experience in the teaching of this subject in a university setting. It has been compiled for the use of students from generally accessible titles. With author and subject indexes.


James D. Purvis (BA, MA, BD, Drake University; Th.D., Harvard) is Professor of Religion at Boston University, where he has taught courses in Biblical studies, ancient Near Eastern history and archaeology, early Judaism, and an interdisciplinary course in the history of Jerusalem. He was the recipient of the Metcalf Award for Excellence in Teaching and was the first incumbent of the William Goodwin Aurelio Professorship at Boston University. He has published The Samaritan Pentateuch and the Origin of the Samaritan Sect (Harvard University Press, 1968).


...should be in every library with a collection in biblical studies. Religious Studies Review ...impressive. Biblical Archaeology Review extraordinarily rich and valuable bibliography. Wholeheartedly recommended. Adris Newsletter A unique, comprehensive...bibliography recommended for collections in Jewish or Middle Eastern studies, biblical studies, or history. CHOICE Comprehensive...An excellent bibliography that should be purchased by academic and seminary libraries. Library Journal
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