The Pastoral Letters as Composite Documents

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April 2004



The authorship of the Pastoral Letters has long been a matter of intense scholarly debate. The arguments have centered on the question of whether Paul or a gifted pseudonymist composed these letters. Dr. Miller argues against both these positions, suggesting that no single author can be held responsible for much of this material. He takes the reader on a wide-ranging tour of biblical and extra-biblical sources, examining their literary histories, and concludes that the Pastorals are composite documents based on brief, but genuine, Pauline notes, written to Timothy and Titus.


1. Introduction; 2. Religious writings as collections; 3. I Timothy: a compositional analysis; 4. II Timothy: a compositional analysis; 5. Titus: a compositional analysis; 6. Summary and conclusions; Appendix A: The Pastorals: compositions or collections; Appendix B: A formal analysis of the Pastorals; Letters; Bibliography.


"Miller offers an insightfully sustained argument that the Pastorials were not written by Paul or by a talented pseudonymist." Ashland Theological Journal
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