The Age of Edward III

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August 2001



With a sharp focus on high politics, this is a cohesive and exemplary collection of rewarding scholarship. HISTORY The studies in this book add colour and depth to the reign of one of the most important and fascinating of late medieval kings. New research addresses received ideas about Edward III's kingship, including the way he came to power and how he kept it; his use of nobility and sergeants-at-arms (his political and military elite); his preoccupation with justice; military campaigns in the Hundred Years War; and the propaganda and packaging of his rule, both in terms of his English throne and his claims to France. The collection is drawn together in a critical introduction written by Chris Given-Wilson and Michael Prestwich. Contributors include CAROLINE SHENTON, JAMES BOTHWELL, DAVID GREEN, ANTHONY MUSSON, RICHARD PARTINGTON, ANDREW AYTON, W.M. ORMROD, CRAIG TAYLOR, A.K. McHARDY, CLIFFORD J. ROGERS and MICHAEL BENNETT. 1327-1377


Edward III and the coup of 1330, Caroline Shenton; Edward III, the English peerage and the 1337 earls - estate redistribution in 14th-century England, J.S. Bothwell; politics and service with Edward the Black Prince, David Green; second "English Justinian" or pragmatic opportunist? a re-examination of the legal legislation of Edward III's reign, Anthony Musson; Edward III's enforcers - the king's sergeants-at-arms in the localities, Richard Partington; Sir Thomas Ughtred and the Edwardian military revolution, Andrew Ayton; a problem of precedence - Edward III, the double monarchy and the royal style, W.M. Ormrod; Edward III and the Plantagenet claim to the French throne, Craig Taylor; some reflections on Edward III's use of propaganda, A.K. McHardy; the Anglo-French peace negotiations of 1354-1360 reconsidered, Clifford J. Rogers; Isabelle of France, Anglo-French diplomacy and cultural exchange in the late 1350s, Michael Bennett.


As is often the case in collections of this type, a superior volume is one that is more than simply the sum of its parts. This collection meets that condition. JOURNAL OF MILITARY HISTORYThe eleven essays approach the reign from directions new and old (but) reinforce the current picture of a style of kingship that was vigorous, often inventive, invariably shrewd, and remarkably sensitive to the need to win public support for demanding and expensive policies... A notable addition to the literature. ENGLISH HISTORICAL REVIEWWith a sharp focus on high politics, this is a cohesive and exemplary collection of rewarding scholarship. HISTORYWelcome volume... a small group of leading scholars...complement and reinforce each other providing greater overall depth to the individual studies. ALBION
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