The King's Army: Warfare, Soldiers and Society During the Wars of Religion in France, 1562 76

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A study of warfare and society during the wars of religion in France.


Introduction: Rumors of war; 1. The campaigns of the army, 1562-76; 2. The camp and the army of the King; 3. The army in the field; 4. 'The footmen of the King'; 5. The gendarmes; 6. The artillery train; 7. In search of a battle: Dreux, 1562; 8. The defence of Chartres, 1567-68; 9. A host of strangers: the army's presence; 10. The destruction of the army: the siege of La Rochelle, 1573; 11. Paying for war; Conclusion: the limits to action.


'Wood's examination of the military experience of both the soldiers and the civilians of France is vivid, his detail on the country's military institutions and the course of the war meticulous. This is the best - and best illustrated - book on early modern military history to appear for many years.' English Historical Review ' ... this lucidly written monograph ... has made a major contribution to the historical study of the French Wars of Religion and this book is one that every student of the period must read'. The Huguenot Society 'James Wood's splendid study ... marks a major advance in our understanding of this deeply confused period. This is a book packed with detail, based on extensive primary research, whose separate sections are brilliantly combined to advance a general argument.' Historical Journal
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