Becoming a High-Performance Mentor: A Guide to Reflection and Action

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Most schools have mentor programs in place to help beginning teachers. The challenge now is to ensure that beginning teachers are assigned high-performance, highly qualified mentors.
High-performance mentors are not born that way-they need training to gain the skills and knowledge needed. As with teaching, mentors exist on a continuum from low-performing to high-performing, but can move though the developmental stages as they gain experience and reflect on prior mentoring experiences.
James Rowley's mentoring framework has been used to train thousands of mentors to develop the essential characteristics of high-performance mentoring: committing, accepting, communicating, coaching, learning, and inspiring. Mentoring can be a challenging, rewarding, and mutually satisfying experience that contributes to the personal & professional growth of each participant. Or it can be a frustrating, disappointing, and mutually unsatisfactory experience that contributes nothing to personal & professional growth.
Use this book to ensure that your mentors and mentees grow in their teaching practice as a result of the mentoring experience.


List of Tables and Figures
About the Author
1. Introduction
Many Right Ways
Depends on What?
A Framework for Reflection and Self-Assessment
2. Mentoring
Low- to High-Performance Mentoring
Quality Mentoring as Quality Conversation
Good Mentoring as Good Teaching
Mentoring as Pathway to Personal Growth
The Development of the Mentoring Relationship
Questions for Reflection on Mentoring
3. Committing
Commitment and Influence
Causes of Low Mentor Commitment
Low Mentee Commitment
Commitment Indicators
Questions for Reflection on Committing
4. Accepting
The Challenge of Acceptance
Relationship of Acceptance and Understanding
Acceptance Indicators
Questions for Reflection on Accepting
5. Communicating
A Conversation Revisited
Developmental Mentoring
Beliefs Influence Practice
The Mentor Teacher Beliefs Inventory
From Theory to Practice
To Guide or Not to Guide
Communication Indicators
Questions for Reflection on Communicating
6. Coaching
Relationship of Mentoring to Coaching
Cognitive Coaching
Coaching for Confidence and Competence
Coaching as Cognitive Apprenticeship
The Role of Observation in Coaching
Coaching Indicators
Questions for Reflection on Coaching
7. Learning
Embracing New Ideas
Open to New Behaviors
Formal and Informal Teacher Learning
A Framework for Teacher Learning
Learning Indicators
Questions for Reflection on Learning
8. Inspiring
Personal Reflections on Inspiration
Inspiration Indicators
Questions for Reflection on Inspiring


James B. Rowley is the James Leary Professor in the School of Education and Allied Professions at the University of Dayton and the executive director of the Institute for Technology-Enhanced Learning. Over the past 20 years, he has focused his scholarship on the training and support of mentors and beginning teachers and has served as an entry-year program consultant and mentor teacher trainer for over 100 school districts. He is also the co-creator of other multimedia training programs, including Recruiting and Training Successful Substitute Teachers (1998), Becoming a Star Urban Teacher (1995), and Mentoring the New Teacher (1994). In addition to the multimedia publications listed above, Rowley is the author of numerous articles, book chapters, and monographs. He is the author of the Corwin Press book Becoming a High-Performance Mentor: A Guide to Reflection and Action (2006). Rowley has delivered over 200 presentations at professional conferences and has led training programs throughout the United States. In 1993 and 995, he was the recipient of the National Association of Teacher Educator's annual award for Distinguished Research in Teacher Education. In 1985, he was selected as a national semi-finalist in the NASA's Teacher in Space program and competed for the chance to be the first private citizen in space. He earned his doctorate in educational policy and leadership from The Ohio State University.


"The book's how-to approach makes it very straightforward, and Rowley uses appropriate examples to illustrate the various points being made or skills being presented."
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