Education, Policy and Social Justice: Learning and Skills

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April 2007



James Avis argues that post-compulsory education policy provides opportunities for a progressive and radical transformation of the theory and practice of working relationships. >


1. Introduction: Education, Policy and Social Justice; 2. Fordism, post-Fordism and Beyond; 3. Work-based Learning and Social Justice: 'Learning to Labour' and the New Vocationalism; 4. Learner Dispositions: Continuity and Change; 5. Teachers and the Transformation of Practice; 6. Knowledge, Curriculum and Power; 7. Social Justice, Post-compulsory Education and Practice; 8. Conclusion: Education, Policy and Social Justice.


James Avis is Professor of Post-compulsory Education & Training at the University of Huddersfield. He has edited books with Cassell and Unwin Hyman and contributed to books with OUP, Paul Chapman, and Trentham. He has had dozens of articles published in academic and professional journals, such as in the Sociological Review, Journal of Further & Higher Education.


'Stimulating and readable... a detailed and insightful commentary on education policy and research over several decades, this book makes its own distinct analytical contribution to this project, and as such deserves to be read by all interested in the purpose and nature of education within wider society.'
Professor Jeremy Higham
University of Leeds, UK --Sanford Lakoff
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