Non Government Organizations and Volunteers - Needs and Expectations

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Dezember 2011



Every year thousands of volunteers leave home to serve humanity in places far away. Armed with a sincere heart and a sense of service, they arrive to find situations totally unexpected to them and they have to find out the answer to their problems with some difficulty, like a fish out of water. This book looks into the experiences of 20 volunteers and hosting organizations and studies the trials and tribulations they go through.


Jamal Abdullah has been involved in Volunteer Work for a long time which has brought him around the world, with the Scout Movement, to working with Street Children in Honduras, and AFS Exchange students. He has spoken to Youth Ministers at a Global Level, worked in a Scout Center in Denmark and advised community medical students in project design.
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Untertitel: An investigation on the issues lying between foreign volunteers working in NGOs abroad and their host organizations. Paperback. Sprache: Englisch.
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