Understories: The Political Life of Forests in Northern New Mexico

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November 2006



An ethnography of the political and cultural investments in contestations between environmentalists, Chicanos, Native Americans, and government officials over the northern New Mexico forests.


"In this stunning account of the forest wars of New Mexico, Jake Kosek forces us to reconsider the underlying racial politics of the environmental movement's self-righteous claims to 'stewardship' over the natural resources that sustain indigenous communities. If you want to understand the deep roots of the rising anger, not just of the Hispanos in the Espanola Valley, but of marginalized blue-collar people everywhere in the West, this powerful and honest book, with its unique synthesis of theory and passion, is the place to begin."--Mike Davis, author of Planet of Slums and Buda's Wagon "Understories is a critically important book. Jake Kosek's arguments are original, necessary, and rarely heard; his deep tying together of race and nature is almost entirely absent from the current scholarly literature."--Hugh Raffles, author of In Amazonia: A Natural History "This theoretically and methodologically innovative study of how environmental politics shape and are shaped by race, class, and nationalism in the Southwest will make an important contribution to environmental anthropology and history as well as to border studies for years to come. An exciting book, it is also highly readable and can be used in advanced undergraduate as well as graduate-level courses."--Ana Maria Alonso, author of Thread of Blood: Colonialism, Revolution, and Gender on Mexico's Northern Frontier
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