Urban Land Economics

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April 2015



This book covers the main aspects of regional and urban economics and presents state-of-the-art theories in a comprehensive and concise way. The book will be of interest to undergraduates in business and economics and covers specific areas such as real estate, urban and regional planning and geography and development studies.


Cities: The Rise and Fall of Cities.
Reinventing Cities.
The Consumer City Center.
Urban Decline.
Urban Crime.
Agglomeration: Agglomeration Spillovers.
Geographic Concentration of Industry.
Sub centers.
Homelessness: A Comparison of Homelessness Across Cities.
Poverty and the Role of Public Transportation.
Homeless in California.
The Effect of Regulation on Housing and Land Prices: Land Use Regulation.
Regulation and House Prices in Manhattan.
The Cause of Urban Regulation.
Rent Control.
Neighborhood Choice: Weather and Migration.
School Choice.
Neighborhood Effects.
Transportation: Urban Rail Transit Expansions.
Housing Financing and Government Programs: Financial and Housing Wealth.
Real Options.
Low-Income Housing Subsidies.
Mortgage Credit Expansion.
Government Programs and Labor Markets.


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