Egyptian Copts and Mubarak's State: A protector or an Enemy?

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Januar 2015



This book discusses the Egyptian Coptic community under the rule of the former President Hosni Mubarak and the different factors that helped shape its current position. It looks into the relationship between the Church and the State and how the Copts were discriminated against politically, socially and religiously. The book helps give an idea of how the Copts' themselves perceived Mubarak's state from the interviews conducted with Egyptian Copts. At last, it concludes with a brief insight of the Copts' future after the January 2011 Revolution and what will their social stance be.


Jaida Khaled El Deeb, a Modern Middle Eastern Master's Degree holder. Graduated from Political Science Department at the American University in Cairo in 2013, with a double specialization in Middle Eastern Studies and International Relations.
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