Dormancy in Plants: From Whole Plant Behaviour to Cellular Control

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Juli 2000



Developed from papers presented at the 2nd International Symposium on Plant Dormancy, held in Angers in July 1999, this books contains up to date research on this fascinating but little written about subject. It covers topics including whole plant and organ physiology, water relations and stress, abscisic acid and hormonal control, biochemical and cellular aspects and genetics and molecular biology.


Genetic and molecular control of dormancy; role of ABA in dormancy; metabolic relations and dormancy; water relations and dormancy; frost resistance; from cell to organ and organism; ecophysical aspects of dormancy.


"This book can be recommended as an excellent overview of the state of the art in dormancy for both specialists in the respective field and for students and plant biologists who would like to get acquainted with this fascinating subject."
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