Nationalism and Ethnic Conflict in Indonesia

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Since the end of Suharto's long authoritarian rule in 1998, there has been a dramatic increase in the rise of ethnic and religious conflict in Indonesia. Jacques Bertrand argues that these conflicts were the result of the constraints imposed by Suharto's regime, which left the country unprepared for political and social change. Consequently, the very definition of the Indonesian nation and what it means to be Indonesian has come under scrutiny. The book is a major contribution to the understanding of religious and ethnic conflict in a complex and often misunderstood arena.


List of figures and tables; Preface; Maps; 1. Introduction; 2. Critical junctures, nationalism and ethnic violence; 3. The national model and its institutional history; 4. Exclusion, marginality and the nation; 5. Islam and nation: the Muslim-Christian dimension; 6. The escalation of religious conflict; 7. Conflict in Maluku; 8. Late integration into the nation: East Timor; 9. Aceh's ethnonationalist conflict; 10. Autonomy as a solution to ethnic conflict; 11. Unity in diversity; Notes; Glossary; Bibliography; Index.


Jacques Bertrand is Assistant Professor of Political Science at the University of Toronto.


'... excellent and thoroughly researched ... This is a very well written book that should be read not only by Indonesianists ... Bertrand's exploration of the links between an increasingly politicized Muslim community, the state and emerging conceptions of nationhood is particularly timely ... This is an important and valuable book, made more so by its implict comparativist perspective and it could be read with profit as much in the Balkans as in Southeast Asia.' Ethnic & Racial Studies
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