Food Culture in China

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August 2004



The cuisine of China is widely considered to be one of the best because it meets the requirements of geographic variety, inclusion of all types of foods, and a long-established and well-developed culinary tradition. The Chinese culture can be labeled a food culture for the interest and honor given to food and its rituals. Food Culture in China is loaded with information on the cuisine's prominent role in Chinese culture. Students and other readers will learn about Chinese food history through the dynasties and Silk Road migrations up until today, ingredients, cooking implements and techniques, regional differences, table etiquette, cultural emphasis on food, specialty dishes for celebrations, and the role of diet and traditional Chinese medicine, among other topics. Each chapter contains a number of recipes for a meal based on the specific topic.


Series Foreword; Introduction; Timeline; Historical Overview; Major Foods and Ingredients; Cooking; Regional and Provincial Foods; Meals; Eating Out; Special Occasions; Diet and Health; Glossary; Bibliography; Resource Guide; Index.


Jacqueline M. Newman is a retired Professor in the Family, Nutrition, and Exercise Department of Queens College, Flushing, New York, and the editor of Flavor and Fortune, a quarterly about the science and art of Chinese food.


There are many facts rarely recorded in other works and the chapter on Special Occasions is particularly interesting.... Books such as this add another dimension to the enjoyment of the foods of other cultures. - Menu Magazine
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