The Living Fields: Our Agricultural Heritage

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September 1998



A readable account of how, where and when humans learned to domesticate plants and animals.


1. 'Of Pride and Prejudice'... Jane Austen; 2. Evolution and revolution: the process of domestication; 3. Stones and bones; 4. The Near East; 5. Africa; 6. The Far East; 7. The Americas; 8. Some traditional techniques; 9. Where we stand; References; Index.


'... for all who wish to understand more fully the relations between humans and the plants, animals and environments on which they depend for life and survival, it will be a welcome and attractive introduction.' A. H. Bunting, Journal of Agricultural Science '... an extensive survey of the world's food crops ... The book is no dull academic treatise. The author genuinely appears to want to inform and the style is refreshing and readable.' Marion Ericsson-Nolan, Environmental Education and Information 'The book is well illustrated and easy to read. It must have great appeal to the student of agriculture, the geographer and for farmers with a deep interest in the origins of his or her profession.' Agriculture and Equipment International
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Untertitel: 'Our Agricultural Heritage'. Revised. Sprache: Englisch.
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