The Guide to Amateur Astronomy

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How do you choose your first telescope? Or build one from first principles? What can the deep sky offer you season-by-season? How do you get started in astrophotography? And progress to CCD imaging? The Guide to Amateur Astronomy answers the questions of the novice and the experienced amateur astronomer in one easy-to-use and comprehensive account. Throughout the emphasis is on practical methods to get you started and then develop your skills with lavish illustrations to show you just what is possible. This second edition of the highly successful Guide has been fully revised and updated. It now takes you from basic 'piggyback' astrophotography, through the use of a cold camera to state-of-the-art CCD imaging; from studies of the planets to the most distant objects in the Universe. From guidelines for the care and adjustment of your telescope through to lists of the spectral classification of stars, amateur astronomy societies and clubs, all the information you need for your voyage of discovery and revelation is provided in this self-contained, helpful guide.


Contents; Foreword;
1. First discoveries: the adventure begins;
2. Solar system voyages;
3. A deep sky guide;
4. The night sky on film: Astrophotography;
5. Amateur astronomy in the electronic age;
6. The build-it-yourself astronomer; Appendices:
I. Sky nomenclature;
II. Time and timekeeping;
III. Your telescope's health: Care and adjustment;
IV. Star colours and spectral classes;
V. Societies, clubs and activities; Epilogue; Bibliography.


'If you are just starting off in amateur astronomy and want a book to fire your enthusiasm, this is the book!' Martin Mobberley Journal of the British Astronomical Association
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