Realism and International Relations

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Juni 2000



An accessible and lively student survey of the dominant theory in International Relations.


Acknowledgements; Introduction; 1. The realist tradition; 2. Human nature and state motivation; 3. Anarchy, hierarchy and order; 4. System, structure and balance of power; 5. Institutions and international society; 6. Morality and foreign policy; Conclusion: the nature and contribution of realism; Selected recommended readings; References; Index.


'Donnelly's book produces a clear, but sophisticated, analysis of realism in international relations. It is one of the rate examples of a book of international relations theory that is approachable and easily understandable, but not lacking in original or noteworthy analysis. This book will be of use to both experienced academics and novices in the study of international relations. It provides an excellent, and very readable, starting point for the study of realism ... Donnelly's book is both an excellent starting off point and a significant contribution to this enduring debate.' The Journal of European Affairs
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