Sociocultural Studies of Mind

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Sociocultural Studies of Mind addresses the primary question: how is mental functioning related to the cultural, historical, and institutional settings in which it exists?


Part I. Introduction James V. Wertsch, Pablo del Rio and Amelia Alvarez: Part II. Human Action: Historical and Theoretical Foundations: 1. Cultural-historical psychology and the psychological theory of activity: retrospect and prospect Vladimir P. Zinchenko; 2. The need for action in sociocultural research James V. Wertsch; 3. Theories of action, speech, natural language, and discourse Jean-Paul Bronckart; Part III. Mediation in Action: 4. Writing and the mind David R. Olson; 5. An approach to an integrated sensory-motor system in the human central brain and a subconscious computer Tadanobu Tsunoda; Part IV. Sociocultural Setting, Intersubjectivity, and the Formation of the Individual: 6. Observing sociocultural activity on three planes: participatory appropriation, guided participation, apprenticeship Barbara Rogoff; 7. The constitution of the subject: a persistent question Ana Luiza B. Smolka, Maria Cecilia R. Dee Goes, Angel Pino; Part V. Sociocultural Settings: Design and Intervention: 8. Socio-cultural-historical psychology: some general remarks and a proposal for a new kind of cultural-genetic methodology Michael Cole; 9. Tossing, praying, and thinking: the changing architectures of mind and agency Amelia Alvarez Rodriguez and Pablo del Rio Pereda.


"...highly recommendable as a target reference for discussion as well as an introductory textbook." Giyoo Hatano, Mind, Culture, and Activity "...provides a veritable reflection of diverse directions within different psychological traditions into which Vygotskian ideas are developing in different countries." Alex Kozulin, Contemporary Psychology "For those familiar with a sociocultural approach, this book furnishes several interesting discussions regarding unresolved issues in the area as well as some useful empirical illustrations. For those new to the approach, the book provides a broad collection of ideas that will serve as a useful introduction to a promising perspective for the discipline." Mary Gauvain, Applied Cognitive Psychology
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