Curves and Singularities

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The differential geometry of curves and surfaces in Euclidean space has fascinated mathematicians since the time of Newton. Here the authors take a novel approach by casting the theory into a new light, that of singularity theory. The second edition of this successful textbook has been thoroughly revised throughout and includes a multitude of new exercises and examples. A new final chapter has been added that covers recently developed techniques in the classification of functions of several variables, a subject central to many applications of singularity theory. Also in this second edition are new sections on the Morse lemma and the classification of plane curve singularities. The only prerequisites for students to follow this textbook are a familiarity with linear algebra and advanced calculus. Thus it will be invaluable for anyone who would like an introduction to the modern theories of catastrophes and singularities.


1. Introductory example: a gravitational catastrophe machine; 2. Curves, and functions on them; 3. More about functions; 4. Regular values and smooth manifolds; 5. Envelopes; 6. Unfoldings; 7. Unfoldings: applications; 8. Transversality; 9. Generic properties of curves; 10. More on unfoldings; 11. Singular points, several variables and generic surfaces; Appendix: Null sets and Sard's theorem.


"This delightfully written book overflows with beautiful mathematics, requiring only linear algebra, multi-variable calculus, and a little mathematical sophistication." The American Mathematical Monthly
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